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High School Math Overview


Build conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency through engaging print and digital instruction, real world problems and practice simulations, and assessment.

  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2


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State-Specific Algebra 1

Prepare students for college and career with state-specific instructional worktexts and practice.


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Connections Mathematics: Algebra 1

Instructional workbook and practice for Algebra 1 success.

  • scaffolded support, organizational tables, hints, and QR codes that link to video instruction
  • problems modeled after recently released Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessment questions
  • questions are DOK leveled and follow testing blueprints


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Students can view all assignments and their status, including

  • assigned date
  • due date
  • assignment type (quiz, homework, test, i-Practice)
  • teacher notifications
  • score


Students can choose to work through problems in any order without the worry of losing their place or completed work. They can also view their progress at any time.

Instructional Support

Point-of-use video instruction for each problem type closes the learning gap.

  • all are recorded by master teachers with years of experience in understanding students' challenges with each problem type
  • explicit instruction provides background knowledge needed for success

Guided Practice

Step-by-step help provides guided practice. Stepped out interactive fill-in-the-blank problems guide students through the problem-solving process

Smart Feedback helps students identify common errors. When answers are not complete, students receive feedback such as "Reduce the fraction," "Combine like terms," "Arrange the expression in descending order," or "Rationalize the denominator."

Personalized Practice and Assessment

i-Practice personalized problem generator provides additional practice only on deficient skills.

  • automatically differentiates instructional support for each student
  • allows students to practice to success
  • frees up teacher time for one-on-one interaction
  • a real-time counter tells students which skills they have mastered, which need additional practice, and how many problems are yet to be completed

Aligned with Your Curriculum

Assignments are aligned with AMSCO® Math and can be easily aligned with other texts. Reorder common assignments to match your text and/or curriculum.

Assignment Management

Use pre-built assignments or create your own.

  • create custom assignments
    —choose from over 2,000 questions aligned by lesson or by standard
  • choose problems that
    —deliver a different iteration to each student
    —have video support for students
    —have fill-in-the-blank stepped-out support


LTI and OneRoster compliant

Assignment Types

Select assignment types—homework, quiz, test or i-Practice

  • Homework—students are allowed multiple tries per problem (set by the teacher) and can access videos or step-by-step help.
  • Quiz—students are allowed multiple tries per problem (set by the teacher) but cannot access videos or step-by-step help.
  • Test—students are allowed one try per problem and cannot access videos or step-by-step help.
  • i-Practice—students are allowed to keep trying with access to videos and step-by-step help. When a student completes and submits the assignment, MathX will create a new assignment consisting of one similar problem for each problem missed. Students increase their score by mastering the new iterations. Students can continue until they reach complete mastery.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring

  • determine whether the class or individual students are on track, making strides in their knowledge, or falling behind
  • identify the need for more individualized instruction by drilling down to performance on specific problems
  • reports include tracking of standards by class or individual student